Cleaning Products Factory

"Cleaning Products Factory" was put in service on 01.04.2022. The "Cleaning Products Factory" , the raw materials and additives for which are supplied from European countries, is able to completely meet the needs of the country and the region in cleaning products.
The project was implemented jointly with "Paper and Cardboard Manufacturing Plant" company and is equipped with the most modern technological equipment and automatic control systems. 
The enterprise plays important role in reducing the unemployment in nearby settlements.
The enterprise, covering an area of 1.4 ha, functions 24/7. 95 employees work here.
Annual production capacity of the factory is 29000 tons.
Its products are detergents and chemical products under the Crystalex, Puresense, Biodaxi, Oxywhite, Wipelex, Praxi brand, manufactured in different sizes and packages using "hands-free" technology on the equipment manufactured in such countries as Italy, Turkey.
The "Cleaning Products Factory" manufactures high- quality cleaning products and detergents using the latest technologies in this field.