Azerbaijan Sugar Production Association

The Imishli Sugar Factory was put into operation in March 2006 with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev.
"Azerbaijan Sugar Production Association" started the construction of Azerbaijan’s first sugar factory in the Imishli region in 2003 on an area of 70 ha, which lasted 27 months. The enterprise’s main production area is 17.9 ha.
Since 2008, to increase the enterprise’s output, the reconstruction of production equipment has started, and since 2010, the maximum processing capacity of 1800 TPD of raw sugar has been achieved. In 2012, to arrange the manufacture of lump sugar products, a Lump Sugar Factory was put into operation. In 2014, the sugar workshop operating under "Azersun Holding" was moved to Imishli. As a result of the reconstruction performed to increase the sugar beet processing capacity, the sugar beet processing plant’s daily capacity has reached 10,000 tons.
The key enterprise’s brand is "Azersheker". Powdered and granulated sugar and sugar products are manufactured under the "Azersheker" trademark. The enterprise also manufactures products under the "Final","Evim", and "Richmond" trademarks.
The Imishli Sugar Factory uses equipment manufactured in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, and Russia.
The Imishli Sugar Factory fully meets the demand for sugar in the Azerbaijani market. The enterprise manufactures sugar of various specifications to meet both daily consumption and production needs. The enterprise manufactures powdered sugar according to the requirements of cola, fruit juice, compote, and confectionery product manufacturers. Export markets include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Tajikistan, and other countries.
The Lump Sugar Factory manufactures lump and pressed sugar and supplies it to the market for the daily needs of the population. A wide range of packaging allows the enterprise to offer products meeting various needs.
The "Azerbaijan Sugar Production Association" contributes to employment in both Imishli region and nearby ones. Hundreds of the region's residents are engaged in the transportation of raw materials and finished products. Thousands of employees workers and agricultural machinery units work in the sugar beet fields. About 1,000 people are permanently employed by the enterprise. 200-300 seasonal workers are also hired during the beet season.